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This year, the Maltese Community Council of NSW once again held an Open Day on 21 January following on from its Australia Day celebration at Merrylands, to showcase our Maltese Heritage at the Hamrun Association in Marsden Park. It was a celebration of our Maltese Heritage in Australia.

The MCC was able to showcase its affiliated associations together with many exhibitors. Other community groups who were invited to set up information tables to share their own events with the community.

This year, a Car Show was also included which drew a large attendance from many motoring enthusiasts. There were over 50 cars of all different makes, models and vintage on show.

Some of the vintage cars on show at the Maltese Heritage Festival at Ħamrun Association in Marsden Park. Photo: Miriam Friggieri

Despite the very hot conditions, the people still came in their hundreds to see all that was on offer, such as the vintage toys, dolls and a large Maltese dgħajsa which made for a colourful display. Lots of memorabilia from times gone by, old farming tools, photographic exhibitions and unique stamp collections with significant historic value. Also, the lacemaking demonstrations proved to be amongst the most popular exhibits.

There was lots of traditional food and drinks on offer, such as ftiragalletti, Maltese cheese and of course everyone wanted pastizzi and Kinnie.

The Maltese Concert Band of NSW getting ready to play to the audience inside the Ħamrun club. Photo: Frances Montesin
Eddie (left) & Mary Calleja (right) in folk costumes, Marisa Previtera, (centre) with the għonnella. Photo: Michelle McCann

There was entertainment to be had for all ages such as a jumping castle, face painting, hair braiding and lots of old Maltese children’s games and toys to play with for the children. The Maltese Concert Band, led by Maestro Charles Simiana had everyone clapping along to their festive music, followed by a performance from the Folkloric Choir, Victor ‘Il-Bukkett’, a well known għannej and the popular Charlie Muscat and Charlie Camilleri who entertained the large crowds during the event with their music and songs.

There were lots of colourful Maltese traditional costumes including, the traditional għonnella and a stunning elegant Maltese lady. It was lovely to catch up with Ms Susan Templeman, Federal Member for Macquarie, who was delighted by the festivities and exhibits.

A frequent visitor from Malta, Lilian Riolo who has a large following on social media, joined the festivities and was greeted by all who follow her on social media.

Sandra Grech (L) and Anna Buhagiar in their folk wear

Miriam Friggieri, President of the MCC thanked Joe Borg, the President of the Ħamrun Association, for the use of their venue for the event, and the associations, exhibitors and community groups that participated, with a special thanks going to the dynamic MCC Events Team that coordinated both days.

Joe Borg, thanked his volunteers who worked tirelessly trying to keep up with the overwhelming demand for pastizzi.

Our community is blessed to live in this beautiful land of Australia which allows us to share our history, heritage and traditional food in our adopted country that we are so proud to call our home.

From the MCC, we wish to thank everyone who took part in this special community event which brought so many groups, associations and visitors together in harmony to celebrate our culture and heritage.

*Report by Marisa Previtera, Welfare Officer of the Maltese Community Council of NSW