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The MCC is a non-profit organisation which provides social, cultural, recreational and welfare support to the Maltese community in NSW, and lobbies for and promotes the interests.

Established in 1967, the MCC is an umbrella organisation for affiliated Maltese associations. The MCC is composed of delegates from each of the affiliated associations. Delegates meet monthly to discuss issues affecting the Maltese Community as a whole. The office bearers are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. The MCC aims to preserve and promote Maltese identity, culture, heritage and language for all Maltese, by birth and descent, in NSW.


  • provides a community centre with meeting rooms, library and archives, computer facilities and a permanent exhibition of Maltese arts and crafts
  • provides Maltese language and cultural classes by the Maltese Language School of NSW
  • provides a one-hour weekly radio program on Sunday at 11am on 2GLF 89.3FM
  • provides basic computer classes for seniors
  • facilitates social meetings and information sessions for seniors’ groups in various locations
  • provides the services of a welfare worker to assist in casework and group activities
  • offers university students short-term placements to gain a better cross-cultural understanding

The Current Office Bearers of the Maltese Community Council of NSW Inc.


Miriam Friggieri

Vice President:

Antoine Mangion


Frances Montesin


George Bartolo, OAM

Public Relations Officer:

Sandra Grech