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Milestones in the History of the MCC

1967Foundation of the Maltese Community Council. First President Pinu Micallef.
1974MCC of NSW sends signed petition by Maltese Migrants in Australia who were disadvantaged under the Maltese Constitution –regarding the denial of Maltese citizenship.
1982Establishment of MCC Radio, on station 2SER FM. Later transferred to 2GL FM.
1989Granting of Dual Citizenship to Maltese migrants.
1995Signing of Reciprocal Agreement for Working Holiday Visas between Malta and Australia.
1999Establishment of Maltese Language School.
2000Granting of Dual Citizenship to children of Maltese migrants.
2007Granting of Dual Citizenship to all applicants of continual Maltese descent.
2013Established the Alfred Fenech Maltese Resource Centre as the operating premises for the MCC.
201750 Years of Maltese Community Council of NSW.