The Maltese Branch of the RSL

The Maltese Branch of the RSL ( Il-Ferg─ža Maltija ta' L-RSL ) was established in a loose form in the late 50's but was given the charter as a branch in the mid 1960's to look after the welfare of the Maltese ex-servicemen who had migrated to Australia from Malta, especially after the war.

The main aim was to ensure that Maltese ex-servicemen were given their proper entitlements by way of pensions and medical benefits from the British and Australian authorities. Many ex-servicemen were assisted in obtaining these benefits that otherwise they would not have obtained because of ignorance of their entitlements.

In the mid 1970's the Branch started taking part in the ANZAC Day memorial which by this time had changed from a day glorifying war to one of remembrance of the fallen during the wars in which Australia and NZ had taken part. Maltese ex-servicemen who had lost their medals were assisted in obtaining original or duplicate medals. The memorial now takes two forms - the laying of a wreath on the cenotaph in Martin Place on the eve of ANZAC Day and marching as a Maltese contingent on ANZAC Day.

As the number of ex-servicemen has been rapidly dwindling, the Australian custom has now been adopted of inviting the sons and daughters of ex-servicemen to march in their place and carry their medals. Every year the Maltese contingent is commented on very favorably by the TV commentators and the marchers receive a standing ovation. 

The current office bearers are as follows:



Charles Mifsud




Doris Pocock




Andrew Magro


       Contact :  Mr Charles Mifsud 0421662298

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