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Online Classes for Term 1 commenced on 12th February 2024 but you can still join now!

Learn about the Maltese language, the culture, lifestyle, cuisine, traditions and the amazing history of the magnificent Mediterranean islands of Malta and Gozo.

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About the MLS

The Maltese Language School of NSW is a division of The Maltese Community Council of NSW. It operates with continued support from the NSW Department of Education (NSW Community Languages Program) and The Maltese Government.

The school was established in January of 1999 and is proud to serve the Maltese community of NSW in keeping the Maltese language and culture alive in Australia. Maltese classes cater for students of various ages from six years to Adults.

Our language teachers are competent in all facets of the Maltese language. They regularly undertake various ongoing professional development courses run by the NSW Community Languages Program and other training providers. Telephone and online support is offered in addition to classroom lessons.

To assist in our plans to expand our services, we welcome new dedicated teaching staff who are fluent in Maltese to join our team. Training and support is provided.

Course Objectives

The primary objectives of the Maltese Language School of NSW are:

  • To provide students tuition in learning Maltese as a second Language.
  • To offer tuition based on modern methods, leading to the learning and practice of speaking, reading and writing Maltese.
  • To encourage students of any nationality to gain an in-depth knowledge of the language, history, customs and culture of the Maltese islands.
  • To provide tuition and encouragement to Maltese-speakers in Sydney (juniors
    and adults) who want to further their speaking, reading and writing skills.
Junior Class dressing up for Karnival

Some Observations

Language is used to communicate. The main objective of our curriculum is to encourage communications within families and between friends whether they live in Australia or in Malta. It also aims at promoting a sense of cultural identity to students whose heritage language is Maltese.

In many cases second generation Maltese students already possess the basic roots of the language, from hearing their relatives speak the language. This make it relatively easier for them to learn Maltese. Students can also listen to Maltese media including the MCC’s Maltese Radio Program to help improve their language skills.

Learning another language will enhance overall scholastic performance by improving self-esteem and increasing thinking ability. In no way does it present a hindrance to other studies. Language improves students’ performance across the curriculum through enhanced literacy.

Students K – Yr12 and all adults are welcome to join our classes. However, students Yr 7 – Yr 10 may wish to enrol with the Saturday School of Community Languages (SSCL) which is administered by the NSW Department of Education (these classes are free of charge). Visit

The Maltese Language School of NSW is a Not-for-Profit organisation 

~ Member of the NSW Federation of Community Language Schools of NSW ~

~ Member of the Federation of Maltese Language Schools of Australia ~

~ Supported by the NSW Community Languages School Program, NSW Department of Education ~

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