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An important message ALL Maltese Living Abroad, communities, clubs , business and locals

John Calleja – Malta ANZAC /

Finally, the First ANZAC sports in Malta is officially scheduled on ANZAC DAY 2023 – U18 Rowing Regatta between Australia, New Zealand and Malta with the support of Malta University Rowing Club, Malta Sports and Tourism.

The purpose of this event is summarised by the Hon Blair Boyer MP – Minister for Education in South Australia sums up the importance of the event. “It certainly be a wonderful experience for the students involved and be an opportunity to educate other young people in our schools about the role Malta played in supporting Australian service during World War 1 & 2 …and commend Malta ANZAC in aiming to develop student understanding and appreciation of the significance of the Australia–Malta relationship during those challenging times.”

Maltese Living Abroad and Locals can play an important role supporting ANZAC sports in Malta by purchasing “as shown below” this beautifully designed limited edition Commemorative pin badge that can also be worn during ANZAC week. The Story behind the badge:

  • Butterfly with open wings – sign of recovery [representing the 58,000 Wounded ANZACs returning home];
  • Red Cross logo on the butterfly – Red Cross played a vital role in Malta and the logo formed part of Nurse Uniforms;
  • Australian Coat of Arms – is located above the entrance of the Australian Hall at Pembroke. The Australian Hall is the only building left today to remind us ANZACs were in Europe and Malta;
  • Colours Red and White Butterfly – Represents Malta’s Flag colours [Malta was also known as the Nurse Island of the Mediterranean 1914- 1918];
  • Coastal Rowing Boat – First ANZAC sport involving male and female U18 representing their country.

This Special limited edition Badge Cost: AUD $5.00 + postage with part proceeds will go to Red Cross.

Place orders through your Maltese Clubs or direct to / Mob: 0414932481

Another great opportunity is open to all Maltese community clubs, sport associations, organisations and businesses to have your club or business logo showing on our Coastal Rowing Boats during the 9 day event which includes
training week and actual ANZAC race event [there will be a number of races during competition]

There will be two sizes available: Large, A4 size, will be €85 and €55 for half A4 size.
Imagine, the colourful logos will produce a great photo shoot and more importantly will highlight support from Maltese Living Abroad, business, locals and General public. A dedicated website is also under construction – when finalised an update will be provided.

Maltese Communities/clubs and business offering their logo for display on the ANZAC coastal boats will be listed on our website plus a shoot showing your logo ….. supporting the future of ANZAC sports and Red Cross. All Logo enquires and purchases please email me your preference & details Anzac Sport 2023 Commemorative Pin