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Maltese Community Council of Victoria

Following intercession by the Maltese Community Councils of NSW and Victoria, in conjunction with representatives of the Council of Maltese Living Abroad, we are pleased to announce that residents in Australia, who have Maltese citizenship, are deemed to be eligible to operate a bank account with the Bank of Valletta as they meet the economic nexus requirements of the bank.

  • To maintain a bank account with the BOV clients must have valid Maltese Citizenship. If a passport is to be used to prove citizenship then the passport must be a current one.
  • Accounts that are currently blocked may be reactivated following proof of citizenship and provision of any other details required by the BOV.
  • Closed accounts cannot be reactivated. Clients may apply for new accounts if they wish to re-establish an account with the BOV.
  • For closed accounts where money is held in suspense pending transmission
    instructions, the BOV will require details of the accounts where clients wish their money to be transferred to.

For more information please contact the Bank of Valletta directly

The Bank of Valletta has set up a Customer Service exclusively for clients living in Australia.

Via Email:


By Phone: Bank of Valletta Customer Service Centre +356 2131 2021